Collaborative Actions for Scale Implementation

Vrutti works with various partners in order to implement projects at scale. Vrutti’s focus is on how much it has been able to influence, build capacities, and communicate. As such, Vrutti partners with communities and local organisations where possible. They have a large stake in the success of the project, and these are areas where Vrutti can most successfully build capacities.

Vrutti uses levers to create an impact at scale:

  • Design, test, prove and disseminate: Methods are designed and tested by Vrutti. They are proved using evidences and disseminated through demonstrations, handholding support, and protocols
  • Build partnerships: Vrutti seeks to partner with local communities and organizations that would assist with capacity-building and co-option into Vrutti’s organizational structure
  • Evidence to integrate
  • Networks and platforms to build constituency: Connect partners with each other to increase efficiency and facilitate knowledge exchange
  • Usable knowledge to enable multiple uses

Vrutti regularly receives funding to continue scaling up its projects. This is a clear metric of Vrutti’s success in the creating innovative models

Projects implementing this Strategy and associated Resources are listed below.

NameStrategy ImplementationLocationDonor/sPartner/s
Poverty Reduction Through Sustainable AgricultureVrutti is working with Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems to implement this project in Southern IndiaTamil NaduDFID Global Poverty Action Fund, UKCentre for Indian Knowledge Systems
Integrated Water Resource ManagementThis project is being implementedin collaboration with Gender Water Alliance, Swasti, and Youth for ActionGujarat, Karnataka, Andhra PradeshEuropean UnionGender and Water Alliance, Development Support Centre, Youth for Action, Swasti
Revitalisation of Rain-fed AgricultureRRA is a network, depending on the collaboration between Tamil Nadu, Karnataka NAVarious network NGOs
Small Grant FacilityCollaborative Actions for Scale ImplementationMultiple StatesHIVOSNA
CCCYC Community FarmCollaboration with CCCYCKerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, KarnatakaChurches' Council for Child and Youth CareCentre for Indian Knowledge Systems, Sirkazhi Organic Farmers Association
SFAC New Vegetable Initative Progress ReportDownload
SFAC Pulses ReportDownload
SFAC Karnataka Pulses ReportDownload