The three key things which I learnt from this internship are:

The first thing which I learnt was the Organizational Skills

The second thing which I learnt was to adjust and cope to my work environment.

Eventually one of the most important learning was that it is really very difficult to work with the tribal people, because they are not self-motivated, do not want to work, are not committed to the work, do not want to change their life standards. Therefore it is very important to constantly motivate and keep them in vision for anything to get done by them.

Mohammad Bilal Afroz | Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), Bhopal

I would definitely ask students out there to come work for Vrutti. They'll get to make a difference, even if it’s small or in initial stage. They won't just have to sit and prepare ppts or assist in research work. Vrutti treats interns as an asset and help them discover themselves by trusting them with jobs that matters. 

Namrata | IIT Kanpur

This internship program was really helpful for me to get actual practical exposure and apply the management skills which I had learnt during my 1st year and understand the gap between theoretical and practical ways of managing the resources. I will recommend to other students to intern with Vrutti

Narayan Wakle | VAMNICOM, Pune

I have learned a lot from Vrutti, It provided me a very good platform to associate directly with the farmers field and to gain practical knowledge as well. I had never came across farmers problem earlier and the actual field conditions but due to Vrutti I got this opportunity to directly associate with them

Garima Maywad | NIAM

Working with Vrutti at grass root level gave clarity about the status, issues and potentials of farmers. I interned for 45 days from 9th June to 25th July. I undertook a project on "Capacity building needs assessment of AEFC member for entrepreneurial skill development.

Anjali Choudhary | IRMA

I interned worked with Vrutti for two months from 15th april to 15th june. I have worked on identification critical gaps in the value chain of agriculture sub-sector and provide necessary recommendations to develop the value chain in Sihawal block of Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. This internship program will help me to getting better perspective in bridging the gap between theory and application.

Arun Wanjare | VAMNICOM, Pune