Awards and Recognitions

Vrutti has received various recognitions for its work in the Livelihoods sector. Below are some of the most recent awards:

  Vrutti was awarded the prestigious 2013 World Bank India Development Marketplace grant to scale up its Agriculture Enterprise Facilitation Centre Model (AEFC). The focus of this year's competition has been "Supporting development solutions to scale" and out of 192 viable proposals received by World Bank, Vrutti attained a place on the list of 20 awardees. Through the USD 100,000 World Bank grant, Vrutti will cover 3,000 farming families in one block of Chattisgarh.

  Best Urban Community Micro Enterprise for the year 2012 by Citi Micro Enterprise Awards

  Outstanding Multidisciplinary Team Research in Agricultural and Allied Science by Indian Council of Agricultural Research-ICAR

  Swathi Jyothi awarded "Best Co-operative of the Year-2012 for Women’s Empowerment” by the Karnataka Rajya Souhardhya Samyuktha Sahakari Niyamata, Bangalore (Karnataka Federal Co-operative).

  Vrutti’s model of Agriculture Enterprise Facilitation Centre (AEFC) has been recognized as innovation by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and DFID. Two AEFCs at the Block Level in Madhya Pradesh will be established with this support.